Riordan O’Sullivan & Co delivers industry-leading accounting and taxation services to individuals, including sole traders, partnerships, self-employed and freelancers.

Accounting and tax for private clients

Riordan O’Sullivan & Co delivers industry-leading accounting and taxation services to individuals, including sole traders, partnerships, self-employed and freelancers.

From assisting with day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting matters to submitting PAYE, managing self-assessment tax returns, and organising National Insurance and pension contributions on your behalf, our qualified staff are happy to advise on all aspects of financial management, free from bias and in accordance with all current UK regulations.

If you are turning your focus to formulating a robust financial strategy for later life, rest assured we can also support you with your inheritance tax and estate planning requirements. Let our Wills, trusts and estate trusts experts prepare or update your Will.

Our work typically falls into the following areas:



Our accountants will work to safeguard your wealth and ensure your final wishes are clear and indisputable. From creating Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney to placing assets into trust as a means of ring-fencing them for your beneficiaries, there are plenty of ways we can make sure your estate is protected – and, when the time comes, administered as intended.


We can help you develop a wealth transfer strategy that manages the level of inheritance tax (IHT) payable on your estate and makes the most of the allowances that are available to you.

When exploring ways to minimise your IHT bill, we will also consider other viable avenues to significant tax savings, such as gifting excess income and assets, recommending specialist investments or maybe through the use of trusts.


Your longstanding family solicitors might prepare and file your probate papers and obtain Grant of Probate, but the detailed knowledge that our experienced staff have of your business and personal affairs can be invaluable to support your solicitors with this matter and guide you through each stage of the process with care and sensitivity.

Even after a death, there is likely to be scope for tax planning and tax mitigation, not just on the deceased’s estate but for the beneficiaries and future generations.


Save time, minimise stress, and improve your understanding of the issues that could affect your wealth by allowing our accountants to manage your tax affairs on your behalf. We will calculate your income tax figures and consider and explain them with you, then prepare and file your tax returns to HMRC well in advance of every deadline.


Reduce your capital gains tax exposure and retain more of the money you make on your assets and investments. Our team can help you claim all valid tax reductions, explore all eligible relief schemes, and perhaps even restructure your affairs in such a way that allows for reduced liability or deferred payments.

Negotiating remuneration packages

Agreeing suitable remuneration is key to ensuring sufficient compensation for your time and your services. Talk to us for advice on shareholder dividends, shared ownership trusts, benefits in kind and termination payments, or for help structuring a tax-efficient package that considers your short- and long-term financial objectives.

Maybe you want to incentivise and lock-in your senior managers? If so, come and talk to us about growth shares, dividend access share, alphabet shares and/or bonus shares.


If you receive rent from one or more properties, Riordan O’Sullivan and Co can help you stay on top of your finances, reduce your tax liabilities, provide accurate tax forecasts, and navigate the various rules and responsibilities that you need to be aware of as a Buy to Let landlord including SDLT.

Have you considered incorporating your Buy to Let portfolio? Talk to our experienced team in this respect.

You can also talk to our team about doing an Option-to-Tax.


Our Tax Calculators can be used to understand your potential tax bills (for illustrative purposes only)..

Tax calculators


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